Proposed Valuation Level Heat Maps now available

Last updated at 12:50 on 09/01/2024

You can find extended visual heat maps for Reval2019 counties on our Valuation Map

Using this feature the proposed valuation levels for retail properties (Zone A levels), ground floor offices, industrial (warehouses) and industrial (workshops) in particular locations can be seen at a glance.

To access the heat map, click on the relevant category of property in the box on the right hand side, highlighted in the red box below.


Once you select the property category a grid of the proposed levels applied will appear on the left hand side, as seen below.


When you zoom in on the area you want to view, the proposed levels will then appear, as seen in the image below, and you can see what proposed valuation levels were applied for that area.


To view the existing rateable value (Pre Reval) on a property you can click on “All Valuation Properties” in the map layers box on the right hand side, highlighted in red box below. This will turn off the heat map feature. Individual properties can be viewed by clicking on the dot relating to that property.


Please note that these are the existing values for properties and do not relate to the proposed valuation levels on the heat map. Once the Valuation Lists for the Reval2019 counties are published in September you will be able to see the new valuations.