Local Authority FAQs

Last updated at 10:20 on 27/04/2021

Can we get Valuation Reports for properties we have listed for revision?

Reports are only made available when the statutory valuation has been published. The disclosure of information before the valuation is finalised would be contrary to the publication provisions of the Valuation Acts 2001-2015. 

Will the Valuation Office notify us when revision is being carried out in our Local Authority area?

Yes. This office will liaise with your office to discuss matters these revision applications. Information will also be posted on our online service portal for Local Authorities accessed using your unique PIN code.

The property we are interested in is displayed in the wrong location on your map?

If you discover that a property is in an incorrect location on our map please contact us by email at mapquery@valoff.ie

Can we speak to the valuer who carried out the revision in our LA area?

Please provide details of the property on which you require information and send your request to valuationservices@valoff.ie. A valuer will contact you to discuss your request.